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Portfolio on App
Why Use Navexa?

There’s More To Your Portfolio Performance
Than They’re Telling You.

The returns you see in your brokerage account may not account for your dividend income, currency gains and trading fees — let alone reflect how long you’ve held your investments for. Navexa solves this.

Annualize Your Returns Blob
Annualize Your Returns

Navexa annualizes your portfolio performance, giving you a clearer picture of your returns over the long term — not just this month’s ‘gains’.

Automated Dividend Recording Blob
Automated Dividend Recording

Your account records all the income (including reinvested dividends) your investments earn, and reflects it in your overall performance.

Spot Winners (And Losers) Blob
Spot Winners (And Losers)

Dive deep into diversification, portfolio contributions, tax obligations and more with powerful reporting tools.

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Navexa Main Screen
Navexa Main Screen
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Easy To Use. Free To Join.

Navexa supports file uploads from all major Australian brokers. Add your portfolio in just a few clicks, and see your portfolio performance like you’ve never seen it before.

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Navexa Portfolio Value
Navexa Portfolio Value
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Add Your Portfolio in Minutes

We support broker file uploads from seven of Australia’s top trading platforms including STAKE & SelfWealth. See your historical trades and set up automatic updating for new ones in just minutes.

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Navexa Performance Report View
Navexa Performance Report View
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Start Truly Tracking

There’s so much more to your portfolio performance than just what you bought and sold a stock for. Navexa calculates the impact of time, taxes, dividend income and trading fees to show you the whole picture in clear detail.

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Navexa Contributions Report
Navexa Contributions Report
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Powerful Portfolio Reporting

Capital gains. Dividend income. Diversification. Portfolio contributions. Tax obligations, and more — Navexa’s powerful reports give you detailed, actionable insights into your investments.

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The Fine Details Of Your True Performance

Navexa’s performance calculation shows you how your portfolio’s tracking with time, tax, trading fees and dividend income all factored in.

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See your portfolio in depth and detail. Save $10 when you subscribe. Explore features and pricing.

Automated Reports

Make tax time less taxing with Navexa’s powerful capital gains and income reporting tools.

Start tracking your stocks smarter.

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