The 30 New Features We Added To The Navexa Portfolio Tracker In 2020

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Evolution is essential in financial technology. In 2020, continuous development and improvement took the Navexa platform from a basic, single-currency portfolio tracker to a multi-currency, multi-asset portfolio tracker that allows you to track, analyse and report on virtually anything you want.

Twelve months ago, Navexa welcomed the first subscribers to our portfolio tracking platform.

Now, as 2020 draws to a close, the people joining Navexa today are finding a very different service from the one those initial subscribers signed up to.

The early Navexa interface
Navexa in late 2020

In this post, we’re detailing 30 notable improvements and updates we’ve made to the platform over the course of 2020.

Note: We’re not including the Mobile App we launched this year as a new feature!

#1 Bulk Portfolio Uploader

Initially, you had to manually add individual holdings and trades to your Navexa account.

So our first order of business this year was to make life easier for you to upload your whole portfolio.

Our Bulk Uploader tool provides a simple two-step process for adding your portfolio using a CSV template.

#2 Taxable Income Report

Our next move was an important one for our community: The ability to generate a taxable income report from your account.

This means you can easily collect data on all your dividend income for tax purposes.

Plus, if you hold stocks that pay dividends in a foreign currency, your account reports on them, too.

#3 Portfolio Contributions Report

Subscribers can access portfolio contributions report.

This shows you how each of your holdings is contributing to your portfolio’s overall performance.

It’s handy in understanding quickly which of your assets are boosting or dragging your total return.

#4 File Attachments

Navexa lets you upload trade statements and dividend statements to go with a particular trade.

This helps you centralize your documents and streamlines personal record keeping.

#5 Adding Notes

Along with file attachments, we added a feature that lets you make and save notes on specific trades and dividends for future reference.

#6 PDF Report Exporting

About the same time, we updated the portfolio diversification chart in the portfolio screen and made it possible to export PDFs for your capital gains and income tax reporting.

#7 Portfolio Sharing

Portfolio tracking might be at the core of Navexa’s service. But behind that are core values that include financial literacy and democratisation.

So, we developed the platform that that you can invite other people to view a read-only version of your portfolio.

You can invite existing users, or invite non-users to view you portfolio by creating their own account.

#8 Date Range Control

We added a date range control at the top right of the portfolio screen.

You can filter the whole page by the range you select.

This allows you to see the capital gains for the day, the week, the month and so on.

This change applies across your account, giving you more analytic flexibility.

#9 Automatic DRP Recording

This update allows you to switch on the Dividend Reinvestment Option to record dividends as new shares instead of income.

A simple, but important development that delivers more flexibility.

#10 Chart Upgrade

We upgraded our performance charting so you can now view performance in percentage terms with ASX benchmarking.

#11 20X Faster Market Data

This change mean the ASX data Navexa uses to display your portfolio and holding analytics now updates more than 20 times faster than before.

#12 Intra-Day Pricing

We rolled out an intra-day price chart for your portfolio and holdings.

This allows you to monitor price action during live trading sessions.

#13 More Data-Rich Update Emails

We improved the weekly and monthly portfolio update emails connected to your account to show you more information about how your portfolio has performed over those time periods.

#14 Mobile App Fingerprint Login

Over on our mobile app, we added finger print login capability, making it easier and faster to log in to your Navexa account on your phone.

#15 NYSE & NASDAQ Exchanges Added

One of the biggest changes we made this year was expanding Navexa from just Australian stocks and funds to include the two majors US markets.

The platform now delivers official data from the ASX, NYSE and NASDAQ.

You can add and track holdings from the US exchanges like you would ASX-listed holdings.

Your account will still report in AUD (and show you the currency gain or loss on your holding screen, too).

We also adjusted our bulk uploader tool so you can use it to import your US holdings.

#16 Return Of Capital Trade Adjustments

Navexa now supports Return of Capital events. You can add these events to a holding and the tax reporting tool will automatically account for it when you create a report.

#17 Another Charting Improvement

We made a small improvement so that all performance charts start at 0.

#18 Automatically Import New Trades

Navexa Link is our tool for importing trades from your broker using contract notes.

We created it so that, even after you’ve used the Bulk Uploader to start your account, you don’t have to keep manually adding new holdings and updating trades.

All you need to do is follow the simple guide we’ve created to set up your email account so that your Navexa account can start reading your contract notes and updating your portfolio accordingly.

#19 Upcoming Dividends Report

Wondering when your next dividends are due? Wonder no more.

We created a report that allows you to see your upcoming dividend payments from the holdings in your portfolio. How far ahead the tool can forecast depends on the individual holding.

You’ll see a chart plotting when your payments are due in the time frame you specify, and a table of payments with your total income at the bottom right.

#20 Dividend Contributions Report

Consider this one a cousin of your Portfolio Contributions report. This lets you see at a glance which holdings are bringing in the most — and least — income for your portfolio.

#21 Unrealized Capital Gains Report

Your UCG Report shows you what tax you’d have to pay and what cash you’d have were you to sell some or all of your holdings.

Navexa’s Reports page

#22 Upgraded Holding Screen

We re-arranged the layout of the holding screen and added more information.

You can now access pricing and dividend information, view trades and adjustments, relevant news and more.

#23 Trust Tax Reporting

This update means you can now run tax reports for ETF holdings. You’ll see additional fields on the add/edit dividend page and that will be reflected in your taxable income report.

#24 More New Brokers For Navexa Link

We’re always adding to our list of Navexa Link-supported brokers based on what our community tells us they need. We recently added Self Wealth & CMC Markets.

#25 Portfolio Groups in The Navexa App

Accessing Navexa on iPhone and Android continues to become better. You can now view your portfolio groups in the app and on PC.

#26 Account Search Function

Click the ‘Search’ icon or hit forward slash on your keyboard to search a holding or portfolio within your account.

#27 Holding Opening Balance Control

Many Navexa users add holdings that they first bought years — or even decades — ago.

That means you may not be able to easily access the exact buy price for a stock.

Now, you can choose to set the opening balance of shares for a holding instead of the exact buy price.

In other words, even if you don’t have access to the necessary historical data, you can still measure the holding’s performance.

#28 DRP Balance Tracking

We’ve improved the Dividend Reinvestment Plan tracking capability in your account.

If you hold a stock that has a ’round down’ DRP, select ‘Round Down With Balance Tracking’ from the holding’s DRP dropdown menu.

#29 Track Unlisted Investments 

Navexa started out for tracking stocks. Then, we added cryptocurrencies and cash accounts. Now, you can track pretty much anything you like in your account. We’ve added Unlisted Investments to the ‘Add Holding’ options. We’ll be refining this in the near future so that you can track specific aspects of unlisted holdings like property, vehicles and collectibles, for example.

Simply select Unlisted Investment next to Cash Account to add a custom holding.

Unlisted Investments
You can now add Unlisted Investments to your Navexa account

#30 Improved Complex Situation Accuracy

We’re always fine tuning the Navexa platform so that it gives you more accurate, useful analytics on your portfolio and holdings. At the time of writing, we’re about to update the performance calculation equation to more accurately reflect and report complex situations (for example, if you made several buy and sell trades on a certain holding).

30 Improvements and Counting:
Much More to Come in 2021

Navexa has grown more than ever in the past 12 months. Your account now delivers more tools, more accuracy, more speed, more reporting — more of all the things you need to effectively track, analyse and understand your investments, be they traditional stocks, cryptocurrencies or unlisted investments.

The next 12 months holds much, much more for our platform.

If you have any features or tools you’d like to see added to the platform, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Navarre Trousselot

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