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Track your investments & understand your key performance
drivers for personal portfolios, SMSFs, trusts & more.

You can’t improve what
you don’t accurately measure.

With growing invested wealth, comes growing complexity. Transactions, income, gains, losses, taxable events.

If you’re growing multiple portfolios, accurately tracking, analyzing and optimizing your investments can quickly become a big challenge.

That’s why you need Navexa.

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A personal CFO for your investments.

The Navexa Portfolio Tracker gives the clarity to completely understand your investment portfolio and every factor driving it.

Easily upload your data and connect your trading accounts.

Unlock comprehensive analytics & visualizations spanning performance, capital gains, income, diversification, currency & more.

Use Navexa's powerful filtering system to analyze specific markets, sectors and custom groups.

Get everything you need to build & manage your invested wealth, unified in a single, powerful account.

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Analyze & visualize everything together.

Navexa supports tracking for your personal investments, SMSFs, trusts, cash accounts, and multiple currencies. You can combine your portfolios and entities into groups for consolidated metrics and analysis.

In other words, not only can you keep track of all your investments’ performance, but you can also visualize and analyze everything together to get a full, clear picture of your overall performance and progress.

Navexa supports tracking for:

  • Stocks (ASX, NASDAQ, NYSE & more to come)
  • Managed funds (AUS)
  • Cash accounts
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Mergers & acquisitions

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Investment taxes used to be taxing.

Now, sorting your tax obligations is simple, fast & stress-free.

Your Navexa account packs a suite of fully automated tools that crush the process down to a single click!

Automatically calculate every gain, loss and dividend (including DRP). Run unrealized CGT simulations. Select optimal CGT strategies. Control which share parcels you want to sell.

Stop bleeding time and money during tax season. Calculate, optimize & report on everything together with minimal stress and maximum control.

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Professional portfolio tracking
from a proficient team

A bit about who you’ll be tracking with:

  • More than half a decade of product & customer growth
  • Privately-funded/bootstrapped, zero debt, profitable
  • Reputation for fast, effective customer support
  • Fastest-developing portfolio tracker in the market
  • The only ‘true performance’ mobile tracker for iPhone & Android
  • 4.5-star rating on TrustPilot
  • Serving tens of thousands of investors globally

Direct access to our founder & creator (feel free to email him)

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Great for tracking & reporting on a single small portfolio.

AUD /mo
$180.00 AUD billed annually
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  • Everything in free
  • Unlimited holdings
  • 1 Portfolio
  • Tax reporting


Best for experienced investors managing multiple entities.

AUD /mo
$360.00 AUD billed annually
Start 14 Day Free Trial
  • Everything in Standard
  • Unlimited holdings
  • 1-10 Portfolios
  • Advanced Reporting


Best for experienced investors managing multiple entities.

Starting from
AUD /mo
Start 30 Day Free Trial
  • Everything in Standard
  • Unlimited holdings
  • 1-10 Portfolios
  • Advanced Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Investments Can I Track In The Navexa Portfolio Tracker?

Navexa tracks stocks and ETFs (listed on the ASX, NASDAQ & NYSE), cryptocurrencies (more than 7,000), mutual funds, cash accounts and unlisted investments (like property).

What Kind Of Tracking & Analysis Does Navexa Provide?

Navexa is packed with tools and features to help you better understand your investment performance.

From asset allocation and portfolio diversification, through to portfolio and dividend contributions, Navexa shows you your simple and CAGR returns, and breaks down your performance by capital gains, dividend income & currency gain.

How Does Navexa Benefit Me At Tax Time?

Our customers choose Navexa because we take the hassle out of portfolio tracking and tax reporting for stock and crypto investments.

Our reports allow you or your accountant to complete your crypto tax forms quickly and confidently. You won't need to manually calculate your taxes again!

What Makes Navexa Better Than Other Platforms?

According to the thousands of investors who use Navexa, there are two main reasons: We allow you to track all your investments in a single analytics account, and we help you crush tax time stress with quick and simple automated reporting.

Plus, our customer & community support are renowned for being fast and friendly.

Can I Track My Portfolio On My Mobile?

100%. Our mobile app for iPhone and Android shows your portfolio and holding performance. The Navexa app shows you a tailored news feed based on the ticker symbols you're tracking in your portfolio.

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