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Comprehensive investment tracking & tax reporting for Australians.

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Trusted by thousands of investors

Track All Your Investments Together

See every aspect of your investment performance, gains, income, diversification, contributions analysis & more.

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Connect All Your Trading Accounts

Connect share trading & crypto exchange accounts using Navexa’s seamless, simple integration options to bring all your portfolio information together.

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Track Stocks, Crypto & More

Now you have a single source of truth for all your investments. Track, analyze & compare your performance across all your assets & portfolios without manual updates or fragmented data.

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Make Smarter Investing Decisions

Navexa gives you multiple ways of analyzing your investment performance — from simple & CAGR returns, to detailed metrics on capital gains, dividend income, currency & more.

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I've used portfolio trackers before. But nothing comes close to Navexa in terms of the quality of the data, visualizations and support.

Navexa is now my #1 destination for everything I want to know about my investments.

Jesse Read Navexa Plus subscriber

Fast Investment Tax Reporting

Now you can calculate & optimize capital gains and taxable income for your whole portfolio in a click.

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CGT, Taxable Income & More

No more manual calculations or expensive fees. Calculate and create your portfolio’s capital gains & income reports in a single click.

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Optimize Your Capital Gains

Your Navexa account gives you the power to change tax strategies — and apply previous years’ losses to your CGT report — for greater control at tax time.

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Simulate Tax Scenarios

Plan and prepare for potential tax events. Simulate capital gains on open positions across your entire portfolio with your account’s Unrealized CGT tool.

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What People Say About Navexa

The best software I have found for tracking share trading and the capital gains tax implications of that trading.

Raymond Haynes

Great Product - Customer Service second to none. I've sent multiple emails and they've responded in 5 minutes.

Ben Tenaglia

Great app to follow your stocks and crypto portfolio's performance (including dividends). Customer support is fast and very helpful!

Gonzalo Larraquy

The tax reporting is saving me time at tax time. The tracking of stocks and my wider portfolios is helping me to better gauge my performance.

Graham Klerks

Execllent Software, Even Better Customer Service. I've been using Navexa for about a year and it is great software. It is good value for money, easy to use and the customer service is exceptional.


Very responsive support team, great functionality in the product and solid engagement for product enhancements.


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