Navexa: Helping Investors Harness Data To Build Their Wealth

Hey, I’m Navarre Trousselot, founder of Navexa.

The headline up there is, in a nutshell, what Navexa is about

Here’s the (slightly) longer version.

In 2018, having worked as a professional software developer in the corporate financial space for nearly a decade…

And having become passionate about investing throughout my 20s…

I decided to combine my professional experience with my passion for building wealth in the stock market.

In other words…

This Service Is What Happens When A Dedicated Value Investor Got Sick Of Using Spreadsheets To Track His Investments

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger are my idols.

Having read their work on value investing, I quickly became hooked on the rush of finding undervalued stocks to buy and then sell for a profit.

I’m not a day trader.

I’m one of these ‘boring’ guys who believes in good, old-fashioned stock picking based on the principles of some of the most successful investors in history.

The first stock I bought was Webjet in 2015. I still own it.

From there, I got more interested and involved with my investing.

And then I hit a wall.

I got sick of using spreadsheets and manually keeping track of my positions, returns and performance.

But I didn’t think that any of the software that was available was… how do I say this…

I didn’t think anything out there was any good.

Call me a software snob, if you like.

Because I am. I make no bones about it.

I believe there’s no excuse for clunky, clumsy, ugly portfolio tracking software.

Not when I had the skills and motivation to create something better that I could personally use to improve my own experience managing my investments.

So, I Built The Portfolio Tracking Service I Wanted To See

My mission was simple.

I created Navexa to give investors all the power of professional level portfolio tracking, without the headaches.

I built simple but powerful tools to help us better analyse performance and — hopefully — make better informed decisions.

Today, Navexa is growing.

I’ve now got a small team working with me to grow our user base and provide a more powerful, professional service as we continue to add features and functionality.

We’re 100% Focussed On User-Centric Development

Since I created Navexa to be a portfolio tracker I could personally use, and that fits with my needs, it follows that our growing user community should have input into how we develop our service into the future.

Any time you’d like to ask a question or provide feedback (positive or negative), please don’t hesitate.

Navexa will become as good as its community wants it to be.

That’s the mission.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

To your investing success,

Founder, Navexa