About Us: The Navexa Portfolio Tracker Team & Mission

About Us

The Navexa portfolio tracker began with one person trying to solve a problem.

That person is Navarre Trousselot.

And the problem was that — as a lifelong technologist and avid investor — he was sick of manually tracking his investments using outdated tools like spreadsheets to monitor and analyse his holdings, returns and portfolio performance.

Furthermore, Navarre didn’t feel that any of the existing software solutions he tried were up to his standards.

So the problem became a project.

In 2017, Navarre set about building his own portfolio tracking software — Navexa.

As a full-time software engineer in Australia’s corporate and financial sectors, and then a company director of a successful New Zealand-based finance company Navarre initially worked on the Navexa project in his own time.

Fast-forward three years, and Navexa is now a business in its own right.

Navarre has been joined by a small technical and communications team dedicated to developing Navexa for the benefit of our growing community of users (both private investors and enterprise clients).

Navexa’s core offering is a data-rich, responsive portfolio tracking platform that allows users to track, analyse and report on their investment portfolios using an array of modern digital tools.


You can access Navexa on both PC and mobile.

You can use it to generate capital gains and income tax reports, analyse capital gains and dividend income portfolio contributions and lots more.

If you wish, you can use our Navexa Link service to connect your brokerage account to your Navexa account using contract notes, meaning you don’t need to manually update your account with new trades.

As our project, team and community has grown from one-man side project to a fully-fledged business serving thousands of users with data spanning the ASX, NYSE, NASDAQ and cryptocurrencies, we’ve maintained one core principle in everything we do:

We treat our customers as collaborators and develop our service according to what the Navexa community tells us they need.

We believe in democratizing investing, empowering individual self-directed investors with data and tools, and promoting financial literacy and open-mindedness.

We believe the data never lies. About performance, returns, gains, losses, anything.

That’s why Navarre and the team are dedicated to creating tools and publishing content that supports our community to become better informed investors, regardless of their financial goals or investing styles.

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To your investing success,

Founder, Navexa

Start tracking your stocks smarter.

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