Fintech For Your Future: Navexa’s Purpose, Product & People

The Navexa Mission

Navexa mission distils into two words: True Performance.

In the world of investing and wealth building — today largely an online process — you’re drenched with data.

You have accounts with your bank, your stock broker, your cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. You collect interest, you pay fees and taxes, you manage (often multiple) portfolios of equities, bonds, property, digital assets and more.

And yet, for all the platforms you use in your financial life, and all the data they create, many of us don’t grasp our true performance.

The reality of investing and building wealth is that you have two tools at your disposal; Capital and Time.

Historically speaking, over the long term, the markets rise. So with enough capital and time, you should be able to generate a decent return on your investments, and achieve financial security — whatever that means to you.

The flipside of that is the longer your capital is exposed to the market, the more impact income (from interest or dividends), fees (from trading) and taxation (on your investment’s capital gains and income) have on your portfolio performance.

An investment might go from $100 to $200.

What about the time it took to generate that return?

What about the tax you’ll be liable to pay when you sell that investment? Or the tax you paid on the income it earned you?

How much income did it generate?

How much did you pay in fees?

At Navexa, we don’t believe ‘gains’ tells the full story of your portfolio’s performance.

Far from it, in fact.

We calculate every factor that impacts your investments: Time, Taxation, Trading fees and Investment Income.

Our platform does this for stocks and ETFs listed on the ASX, NYSE and NASDAQ, (pretty much) all cryptocurrencies, and unlisted investments.

We believe there’s no excuse for not seeing the full picture of your invested wealth.

Our mission is to continuously support our community by delivering and improving tools that allow you to see — down to the dollar — your portfolio’s true performance.

The Navexa Platform

The Navexa portfolio tracker is today what it was in the beginning.

Our platform is the product of our community’s need to know their true portfolio performance.

Portfolio Tracker on Computer

Our charts, analytics tools, reports (from upcoming capital gains and dividend forecasts to portfolio contributions and diversification analysis) are all underpinned by a performance calculation methodology which accounts for the four big impacts on any portfolio: Time, Taxation, Fees and Investment Income.

Navexa integrates with your broker (see a list of supported stock and crypto brokerages here) to let you quickly add your historical trades and automatically update your portfolio with new trades.

You can view detailed true performance charts and metrics at the holding, portfolio and account level (if you have multiple portfolios you can create portfolio groups).

You can access your portfolio on the web and on both Android and iPhone.

You receive weekly and monthly portfolio performance updates to your email.

Most importantly, as a member of the Navexa community, you can speak with the team directly and collaborate with us on tools and features you need to get more out of the platform.

Every improvement we make (see the new features we rolled out in 2020 — and we’re on track to 3X or 5X those improvements in 2021) is the result of constant communication and collaboration with our community and partners.

The Team

In 2017, Navexa founder Navarre Trousselot had a problem. He’d invested in a handful of stocks, but he was struggling to understand exactly how those stocks were performing.

In his scarce spare time away from his senior developer role in Melbourne’s banking industry, he designed and built his own personal portfolio tracker.

Friends tried it. Friends liked it. Friends asked Navarre to build more tools. They liked those. They asked for more. And so on, until…

Navarre and his teammates left their respective previous roles to work on Navexa full time in 2021.

Our team:

Navarre Trousselot profile picture

Navarre Trousselot (Founder)

Navarre completed a Computer Science degree before embarking on a career in software development and consulting. A methodical value investor and passionate technologist, Navexa is the product of Navarre’s two chief passions (outside of his young family!).

Thom Benny profile picture

Thom Benny (Communications Director)

Thom has worked in financial marketing and communications for nearly a decade. He has an MA from Victoria University of Wellington and a passion for advancing financial literacy through creative financial technology.

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Navarre and Thom joined Cameron and Tony from the popular QAV Podcast in May 2021.

They discuss their vision for Navexa, the state of financial literacy in the digital age, and some insights from the Navexa community.

Listen below!

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