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For investors wanting to try Navexa for an unlimited time.


No additional portfolios

  • The Free plan includes:
  • Unlimited holdings (stock & crypto)
  • Single Portfolio
  • Performance tracking
  • Dividend tracking
  • Currency gain tracking


For investors ready to automate their portfolio tracking & tax reporting.


+$2/mo per extra portfolio

  • The Standard plan also includes:
  • One-Click Capital Gains Tax reporting
  • One-Click Taxable Income reporting
  • Automated cash account tracking
  • Portfolio performance benchmarking
  • Up to 3X Broker Integrations


For investors who require advanced portfolio management & tax optimization tools.


+$3/mo per extra portfolio

  • The Plus plan also includes:
  • Unrealized Capital Gains Tax reporting
  • Upcoming Dividends Reporting
  • Portfolio Contributions Reporting
  • Unlimited Broker Integrations
  • Priority customer support

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Portfolios11 1
Custom Holding Groups1310
Automated Broker Integrations03Unlimited
Email SupportCommunity ForumStandardPriority
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Get Started Free
Get Started Free
Broker Integration
Dividend Income Tracking
Automatic DRP Tracking
Track Unlisted Investments
Discounted cash flow value calculator
Weekly performance summary Limited
Automatic Trade Adjustments
Custom Benchmarking
Cash Accounts
Portfolio Sharing
Trade statement attachments
Dividend statement attachments
Reporting & Insights
Get Started Free
Get Started Free
Get Started Free
Portfolio Performance Report
All Trades Report
All Paid Dividends Report
Portfolio Diversification Report
Taxable Income Report (AUS Only)
Capital Gains Tax Reporting (AUS Only)
Unrealized Capital Gains Tax Reporting (AUS Only)
Portfolio Contributions Report
Dividend Contributions Report
Upcoming Dividends Report

What People Say About Navexa

The best software I have found for tracking share trading and the capital gains tax implications of that trading.

Raymond Haynes

Great Product - Customer Service second to none. I've sent multiple emails and they've responded in 5 minutes.

Ben Tenaglia

Great app to follow your stocks and crypto portfolio's performance (including dividends). Customer support is fast and very helpful!

Gonzalo Larraquy

The tax reporting is saving me time at tax time. The tracking of stocks and my wider portfolios is helping me to better gauge my performance.

Graham Klerks

Execllent Software, Even Better Customer Service. I've been using Navexa for about a year and it is great software. It is good value for money, easy to use and the customer service is exceptional.


Very responsive support team, great functionality in the product and solid engagement for product enhancements.


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