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Integrating Your CommSec Trading Account With Navexa

It’s quick and simple to upload your CommSec trades to your Navexa account — and to automatically update your portfolio with new buy and sell trades using our Navexa Link tool.

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Dividend Reinvestment Plans: Some of the Key Pros & Cons

‘The big money is not in the buying and selling…’ Dividends can come in the form of cash, or additional shares. Here are three potential pros and three potential cons of dividend reinvestment plans.

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Ex-Dividend Dates Explained: What, When & Why

What does it mean when a stock goes ‘ex-dividend’? How does the ex-divided date affect income and stock prices? Learn the key facts on ex-dividend dates in this simple guide.

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The Big Short (Squeeze): Unpacking The GameStop Saga

What does the GameStop short squeeze saga reveal about the changing investment landscape… and investing in a market where the internet can make assets explode higher out of nowhere?

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The Top 10 Performing Cryptocurrencies Of 2020 (Bitcoin Wasn’t Even Close)

The top 10 performing cryptos in 2020, how they compared to the top performing stocks… and three predictions for 2021 from our cryptocurrency analyst working deep in Europe’s Silicon Valley.

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Navexa Premium: A New Tracking & Reporting Service For Portfolio Managers

We’re pleased to announce Navexa Premium, our enterprise-level portfolio tracking platform helping simplify and streamline client portfolio tracking for financial advisors and managers.

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The 30 New Features We Added To The Navexa Portfolio Tracker In 2020

DRP balance tracking, 20X faster market data, intra-day pricing, unrealized capital gains reporting, unlisted investments and more… see how the Navexa portfolio tracker developed in 2020.

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Three Mistakes To Avoid When Calculating Portfolio Return

These three common mistakes distort and obscure the real truth about your investment portfolio returns. Learn what they are and how a great portfolio tracker helps you avoid them!

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The Ultimate Guide To Australian Crypto Tax

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Australia? Know your tax obligations, understand the ATO’s position on cryptos, and be confident you’re investing on the right side of the law.

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