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Optimize Your Investment Journey By Tracking & Analyzing All Your Investments Together.

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Which Investments Can Navexa Track?

Australian Stocks, ETFs and Funds

Track & analyze ASX-listed investments using official intraday pricing data.

US Stocks, ETFs and Funds

Track & analyze US-listed investments & switch between currencies.


Track & analyze more than 7,000 cryptocurrencies.

Custom Investments

Add other investments, such as property, to your Navexa account.

Cash Accounts

Monitor trading cash accounts alongside your investments as you buy and sell.

Custom Holding Groupings

Group holdings together to analyze certain sectors, companies or any themes you like.

What Trading Activity Can Navexa Track?

Capital Gains

Navexa automatically tracks all your holdings’ capital gains using official pricing data.

Dividend Income

The platform records every dividend payment and factors it into your total performance.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Track the impact of reinvested dividends on your performance.

Currency Gain

Track the impact of currency on your foreign investments.

Stock Trading Fees

Navexa tracks how trading fees impact your performance.

Crypto Trading Fees

Navexa lets you record trading fees in both fiat currency and crypto.

Staking Rewards

Track and calculate the impact of staking on your portfolio performance.

Crypto-to-Crypto Trades

Record crypto-to-crypto transactions in Navexa to see their impact on performance.

Corporate Actions

Automatically record stock splits, consolidations, mergers and acquisitions.

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Pro-Level Portfolio Tracking

The Navexa Portfolio Tracker allows you to track all the key metrics of all your investments in one account.

While trading accounts and other products often only show partial data, we’ve developed Navexa to be a single source of truth for your total performance.

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Track Gains, Income & Performance

From the portfolio to the individual holding level, Navexa tracks not just capital gains, but dividend income (including reinvested dividends), currency gains/losses, and the impact of trading fees and corporate actions like stock splits.

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Track Your Crypto & Stocks Together

Navexa tracks performance for more than 7,000 cryptocurrencies. You can add and track not only fiat-to-crypto trades, but crypto-to-crypto trades, as well as staking rewards income and trading fees (in dollars and crypto).

You can track your crypto portfolio performance alongside your stocks, cash and other investments for a clearer understanding of your total performance.

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