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What would you do with an extra three weeks a year to build your business?

How many new clients could you onboard?

How many existing client relationships could you strengthen?

How much more revenue could you find?

What about over the next three years?

How would you deploy 12 weeks of additional time to grow?

What about five years? Ten?

Let me introduce Shaun Liddicoat.

Shaun runs Cloud Financial Planning. Based in Geelong, Victoria, Shaun pretty much fits Adviser Ratings’ definition of the average Australian financial adviser.

He has around 100 clients, who trust him to look after around $120 million of their invested wealth.

And, like other advisers across Australia right now, Shaun is being asked to do more with less.

Falling adviser numbers in the wake of both the banking royal commission and increased regulatory demands mean there are fewer advisers trying to serve more investors in Australia.

This pressure is making it tougher for financial advisers to grow their businesses.

In fact, they only have:

Half A Day A Week to Work On Their Business

According to Adviser Ratings’ Financial Advice Landscape study:

‘How an adviser spends time is a critical insight for determining their productivity and ultimately their revenue.’

’Research by Virtual Business Partners confirms that advisers who spend more time on new client meetings and business development are more likely to be in the higher income bracket.’

‘Sadly, advisers are still spending too much of their time on general administration and plan preparation (39%), compared with only 10% on new client meetings and 13% on business development.’

‘Solving this problem with the help of outsourcing administration and plan preparation to others can free an adviser’s time for revenue-generating activities, leading to uplift in revenue and client experience.’

Having worked as a solo financial adviser since 2008, Shaun is no stranger to the pressure increased administrative and regulatory demands place on running an efficient and profitable business.

Shaun navigated his clients through the 2008 credit crisis and the macroeconomic shifts that followed.

He’s been adapting his business to challenging change for nearly two decades.

So it was in 2021:

I was finding it difficult to find a software provider which could provide a one-page snapshot return of my members’ direct investment portfolios.’

Something which included capital growth, dividend returns and profits from previous transactions. For many years I managed this via a very manual excel spreadsheet.’

Manually tracking everything for his 100 clients was taking up a lot of Shaun’s time — as was the search for a platform that would allow him to automate and streamline this critical tracking and reporting work.

Then, Shaun’s search led him to Navexa Pro.

120 More Hours A Year to Build His Business

Navexa Pro is a next-generation automated performance tracking & reporting platform for Australian financial advisers.

It has allowed Shaun to leave his manual tracking days behind him.

Instead of using an unwieldy, error-prone spreadsheet, Shaun can now track his clients’ stocks, ETFs, managed funds, and cash accounts — without lifting a finger.

As he says:

It’s a very user-friendly platform and provides me with the output I require to have valued conversations with my members.‘

It contains the functionality to provide both easy to read investment reports and more detailed investment analysis if required.‘

Navexa has cut down the time to manage my members’ reporting needs. I can now load a client’s position within minutes and generate easy-to-read reports.’

Not only has this reduced the possibility of making manual input errors but has also saved my business approximately 10 hours per month.’

In financial terms, this saved time is worth more than $20,000 to Shaun over the year.

But the real benefit is the opportunity gain this time represents for his business.

Over the year, Navexa saves Shaun about 120 hours — three full working weeks of valuable time he can reinvest into business-critical work, like:

  • Deepening relationships with existing clients
  • Proactively finding new clients
  • Actually managing — rather than tracking — investments

Navexa Pro: Powering Better Adviser-Client Relationships

As Shaun navigates his clients through yet another major economic shift — with interest rates now rising from near zero, with markets nervous at the prospect — he’s equipping himself to offer a better service than ever.

By his estimates, Shaun reckons having a tool like Navexa when he started out could have saved him upwards of 3,500 hours (nearly 90 weeks) in time spent on client portfolio tracking and administration.

In the years to come, with $4 Trillion changing hands from Baby Boomers to their Gen X & Y descendants, financial advice and portfolio management is going to be vital for Australians.

Against a backdrop of falling adviser numbers and tougher regulation, this trend is putting businesses like Shaun’s under increasing pressure.

But as he’s found since he started using Navexa, these challenges present opportunities to those who can adapt.

According to the Financial Advice Landscape study:

There is significant opportunity for advice professionals to build or partner with technology solutions to solve the gap between advice supply and demand.’

Navexa Pro is exactly that — technology that helps financial advisers better serve more clients.

In Shaun’s words:

It is easy to use and manage from a business and client perspective. No longer do clients need to hold expensive investment platforms for their reporting needs, when investments can be held through a low cost online broker with the investment reporting conducted by Navexa.

‘I recommend Navexa to any business wanting to provide a holistic reporting tool to their clients, which is easy to manage and cost effective.’

Ready To Unlock 100+ Hours to Grow Your Business?

Navexa Pro brings all your client accounts together into a single, unified tracking & reporting account.

No matter how many brokers your clients invest with across Australian & US stocks, and cryptocurrencies, Navexa Pro is a modern digital platform designed to help you effortlessly track it all in one place.

Forget spreadsheets, boxes of contract notes, and endless screens of crypto transaction data.

Take a complimentary trial of Navexa Pro today for 30 days and see how we help advisors reclaim critical time & budget in an increasingly competitive economy.

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