Love Calculating Clients' Taxes?

We didn’t think so. So we created Navexa Pro.

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Fast-Track Your Clients’ Investment Tax Reporting

Navexa Pro’s advanced tax reporting and research tools make tracking your clients’ obligations fast and stress-free. Now you can calculate capital gains & income taxes automatically.

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Unlimited Client Portfolios

Easily add and sync your client portfolios in a matter of minutes.

Automated Tax Reports

Capital gains & income tax reporting for individuals, SMSFs & companies.

Research & Prediction Tools

Calculate unrealized capital gains, run historical cost reports & more.

Fast Forward Tax Time

Crush client tax reporting in a fraction of the time. Eliminate human error.

From Just $7 A Month

Pay per client portfolio from just $7 a month — billed annually.

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The Platform For Pro-Active, Professional Accountants

Navexa Pro uses official data from the ASX, NYSE, NASDAQ and other sources to produce accurate, actionable capital gains & income tax reports.

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Accurate Research & Reporting All Year Round

Capital gains, income, unrealized capital gains, historical cost reporting + many more powerful reporting tools — for all your clients, all in Navexa Pro.

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Tools To Help You Deliver Your Service Better Than Ever

Add portfolio files and sync trades from brokers in minutes. Run reports in a few clicks. Access auto-updating portfolios on desktop, tablet & mobile.

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Tax Time Will Never Be So Taxing Again.

Forget spreadsheets, mountains of contract notes, and painstaking tax reporting.
Say hello to the modern accountant's new best friend.

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100% Secure

Navexa Pro protects & encrypts you and your clients’ data using industry-standard technology & protocol.

From Just $7/month

Navexa Pro offers pricing to meet your needs, starting from just $7 per portfolio per month.

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Start tracking your stocks smarter.

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